AE Products

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3 advantages

  • The most popular e-sports products in the competition industry
  • Professional event live broadcast signal is stable and uninterrupted
  • The data range of the game prediction system (ODDS.GG) leads the world

AE e-Sports City provides you with the most abundant and high-quality e-sports products. More than 5,000 e-sports and online events per month, covering CS: More than 25 mainstream e-sports games such as GO, Dota 2 and League of Legends allow customers to instantly have the most competitive e-sports portfolio.

With many years of e-sports experience and profound gaming knowledge and operation mode, it provides more match betting for first-line players, plus transfer-free wallet, more than 60 payment channels, multi-language, multi-national lines and complete agency system platforms, allowing you to easily dominate the global online gaming market.